Ennova utilizes one of the most advanced wheel manufacturing process to produce our wheels.  Flow-Forging is a process that uses specialized high speed rotary machines and incorporates precise temperature, high pressure to achieve a superior quality that is closely comparable to a forged wheel and at a fraction of the cost.

Our Flow-Forging process heats, spins and stretches the barrel of the wheels with hydraulic rollers that also compresses and sets the final thickness of the wheel barrels.

The benefits of our Flow-Forging process are phenomenal weight reduction of up to 25% compared to an OEM cast wheel, as well as an impressive increased strength similar to forged wheels.  


Flow Forging Process



A preheated casted wheel is mounted onto the Flow-Forging drum to start the flow-forging process.


During high-speed rotation, extensive heat is applied to the wheel. Specially designed rollers start applying pressure to the wheel to stretch the wheel barrel.


The highly heated wheel is compressed and stretched to the specified wheel width and increased density.


The rotary high-compression process results in a wheel that is far superior in structure integrity and weight reduction.



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